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Scrooge” was written by Leslie Bricusse as a film in 1970, starring Albert Finney as the miserly money lender – one of Dickens most beloved creations, who undergoes a transformation of character just in time for Christmas celebrations. In the 1990s Bricusse adapted his musical film for stage, this time starring Anthony Newley as Ebenezer Scrooge. The score was enlarged with several new songs being added and was so successful that it played for 5 seasons.

In 2005 the show was revived with Tommy Steele taking the lead and again a smash hit at the London Palladium. It began to be produced world-wide and Richard Chamberlain took the lead in America, while Keith Michell starred in Australia.

The show has a very tuneful score including the hit song “Thank You Very Much“. It includes a wonderful array of Dickensian characters ranging in size from small to large, both male and female, young and old.

It is a show with a very warm heart and the story is much loved by everyone. The change that Scrooge undergoes when he is visited by the 3 ghosts is one we can all releate to, especially at Christmas time.


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Alison Banks, Rebecca Bartell, Denise Beckford, Steven Berry, Hazel Bone, Olly Burton, Liz Cairns, Martin Clarke, Doreen Cothay, John Cuckson, Brian Davidson, Sharon Deere, Janet Dixon, Mike Dixon, Rebecca Turner, Christine Dobbie, Rob Gair, Karen Gallagher, Lynn Greenfield, Rebecca Grundy, Richard Hall, Bill Harland, Hazel Harle, Helen Harries, Steve Hill, Steph Hitch, Michelle Hood, Becky Howarth, Andy King, Catherine Lawes, Paul Maddison, Cai Mahon, James Manning, Catherine Marsden, Heather McLoughlin, Carina Nausner, James Porter, Rachel Porter, Charlotte Ritson, Andrew Robinson, Emma Robinson, Sue Robinson, Audrey Robson, Sophie Steel, Amber Storey, Jonathan Taylor, Nicky Tones, Ed Turner, Lewis Wilkinson, Robin Yorke


Kate, Holly, Charlotte, Sophie, Aaron, Ellie, Cerys, Anna, Michael, Rosie, Kyle, Jack 



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Mark Tallentire – Northern Echo – 19th November 2009

ANYONE wanting to feel a little more Christmassy amid the November gloom would be well advised to spend an evening in front of the latest offering from Durham Musical Theatre Company. 

There are songs, parties, wine and presents throughout an elaborate and colourful production of the Leslie Bricusse adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol – with, of course, Ebenezer Scrooge being the only Londoner not included. 

But there are more than sentimental reasons for taking in the show. There are a number of impressive performances, including Olly Burton’s eccentric Mr Fezziwig, Scrooge’s old employer, and Rebecca Turner’s Isabel, his abandoned, broken-hearted fiancee. The undoubted star is Anthony Smith, pictured above, in the title role. His Scrooge is more comedic and more human than most. 

As we watched again his bleak Christmases past, I even found myself feeling sorry for him. With a horrid childhood and bad luck in love, could not any of us have ended up as old Ebenezer? 

Audiences will find themselves tapping their feet and singing along to favourite tunes such as December the Twenty-Fifth and Thank You Very Much. 

It is a credit to the company’s record and reputation that tickets for the seven-show run have already sold out. Anyone with entry can expect to hear all the bestknown Dickens lines, see some truly talented people at work and come away wishing for snow.