Katy Walton

Katy Walton

Katy’s first few experiences delivering performances to audiences came at the age of 8 where she took to the stage with her school choir at the Guildhall in Portsmouth and also to the decks of HMS Warrior.  From these moments Katy knew she loved performing.

Katy joined DAOS in 1995 for the production of Oliver and loved the experience.  Following this Katy then appeared in a couple of DAOS pantomimes ‘Babes in the Woods‘ and ‘Red Riding Hood‘.

After a small break Katy returned to join DMTC this time on the bigger stage at the Gala in Me and My Girl“, “My Fair Lady“, Guys and Dolls” and many more shows as a chorus member.

Katy finally plucked up the courage to audition for the part of Kate McGowan in the production of “Titanic”. She was successful in gaining the role and found this improved her confidence, giving her the courage to play many other parts, such as Mrs Molloy in “Hello Dolly”, Ethel in “42nd Street”, Lucie Manette in “A Tale of Two Cities”, Betty Schaefer in “Sunset Boulevard” and Julie Jordan in Carousel“.  

Evita is one of my favourite musicals. I am delighted to play the part of the mistress. I can’t wait to hear the orchestra play the fantastic score.