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Jerry Herman’s sensational, multi-award winning, spectacular musical
‘Hello, Dolly!’ is back to where she belongs! Originally starring Carol Channing, it was turned into a hugely successful film with Barbra Streisand in the lead role.

One of the longest running shows in Broadway history, ‘Hello, Dolly!’ combines a witty book with a fabulous toe-tapping, hum along score. It has become an enduring, favourite musical that never fails to please. The original New York Times review said: “Hello, Dolly! has qualities of freshness and imagination that are rare. One is glad to welcome Hello, Dolly! for its warmth, color and high spirits.”


Hello Dolly (2010) Cast

The Company

Denise Beckford, Lucy Beckford, Steven Berry, Liz Cairns, Elizabeth Clapham, Peter Clapham, John Cuckson, Janet Dixon, Mike Dixon, Rebecca Dixon, Catherine Finn, Lynn Greenfield, Chris Grieff, Richard Hall, Bill Harland, Helen Harries, Tony Harries, Steph Hitch, Ryan Humphrey, John Hunt, Andy King, Susie Lamb, Rebecca Lambert, Catherine Lawes, Paul Maddison, Catherine Marsden, Heather McLoughlin, Zoe Neasham, David O’Donnell, Anja Particke, Charlotte Ritson, Andrew Robinson, Sue Robinson, Audrey Robson, Mareen Schoenfelder, Ellen Schramm, Joan Spence, Gavin Tinkler, Ed Turner, Scott Warrener, Ian Wells, Debbie Wright, Lewis Wright


Emily Bowman, Madeleine Banks, Matthew Banks, Matthew Cressey, Jennifer Kirby, Annabel Hackett, Ryan Ridley, Dylan Stafford, Sam Terry, Amanda Thursby, Miles Thursby, Claire Watson


  • Stage Manager – Katie Duff
  • Deputy Stage Manager – Hannah Benoy
  • Technical Manager – Brian Dunn
  • Stage Crew – Gareth Beddoes, Mark Calvert, Jean Forster, Liam Glendinning, Sarah Jackson, Catherine Kinson, Guy Lawes, Ernie Russell, Andrew Shutt, John Smith, Kay Wilkinson & Team
  • Technical Advisor – Alan Hogarth
  • Set Hire – Scenic Projects Suffolk
  • Properties Team – Denise Brooksbank, Melanie Spedding, Rob Gair, Amber Storey, Doreen Cothay, Rachael Burnett, Graham Sneddon
  • Properties – Society Prop Store
  • Making Large Properties – David Foxall
  • Wardrobe – Jean Graham, Jane Flowers, Katherine Fairbairn, Charlotte Fairbairn
  • Costumes – Molly Limpets Sheffield, Society Wardrobe
  • Wigs – Keith Wigham, Natural Image Newcastle
  • Make-Up – Brenda Mullen, Ann Thompson, Carelle Thompson, Fiona Wright
  • Lightning Design – Michael Brown
  • Sound Design – Andy Playford
  • Sound Effects – Brian Dunn
  • Follow Spot Operators – Alan Ball, Emma Parnaby
  • Propmpt – Jo Smart
  • Rehearsal Pianists – Martin Dack, Steven Hood, Robert Humes, Malcolm Moffat, Andrew Soulsby, Mark Thompson
  • Front of House – David Foxall, Margaret Sutton, Lawrence Jones, Frank Cure, Val Cure, Tommy Maw, Mary Robinson, Mollie Hughes, Brenda Robson
  • Chaperones – Nicola Bowron, Katherine Fairbairn, Maxine Hitch
  • Dressers – Sarah Jackson, Lousie Mills, Valenda Taylor & Team
  • Refreshments – Joan Foxall, Debbie Foxall, Connor Foxall & Team


  • Violins – Julia Boulton, Vince Fleming
  • Cello – Peter Richardson
  • Bass – Tony Abell
  • Reeds – Sue Ferris, Catherine Freeman, Julie Dorr, Mick Donnelly
  • Trumpets – Alex Lewis, Tim Rhodes, Mike Walton
  • Trombones – John Flood, Alan Bravey
  • Percussion – Simon Ferry, Andy Booth
  • Piano – Martin Dack

Show Gallery

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Helen Brown – Northern Echo – 14th May 2010

“AND what do you do for a living, Mrs Levi?” asks Ambrose Kemper (Nicky Tones) in the first scene of this delightful musical comedy.

“I am a woman who arranges things . . . I meddle,” replies Dolly.

It’s the turning point of the 20th Century as we race off on a whirlwind trip around New York following the adventures of America’s most loved matchmaker Dolly Levi.

We must, of course, go via Durham with Durham Musical Theatre Company which can boast a history of more than 100 years of musical experience.

Hello Dolly is full of memorable songs including Ribbons Down My Back, Before the Parade Passes By, Elegance, Hello, Dolly!, It Only Takes a Moment and So Long, Dearie.

Delia McNally has the big entrance as Dolly with her rapid-fire delivery, a decent US accent and a great singing voice. She’s off to Yonkers to meet a well known half-amillionaire, Horace Vandergelder (Anthony Smith).

Lots of flouncing around in hats ensues – there are a lot of hats in this production – and we meet Cornelius and Barnaby. Both Graeme Walton and James Manning make this double act uniquely funny with their superb athletic antics.

I loved Paul Maddison’s quirky head waiter Rudolph Reisenweber too, especially as he took part in the Waiters’ Gallop, a fabulous cast of young energetic dancers and some excellent choreography by Kathleen Knox and Janet Dixon.

Katy Walton gave Irene Molloy not only the best hat, but the best voice too. Also a memorable performance from Emily Wright as the milliner’s assistant, Minnie Fay.

But I’ve saved the best for last – the orchestra. Musical director Steven Hood has my final word – “brilliant”.


Hi Delia – We are still singing tunes from ‘Hello Dolly‘ which we thoroughly enjoyed Wednesday afternoon.

Honestly Delia you would think I was completely O T T if I explained our reaction and enjoyment of the show.  You certainly were ‘that wonderful woman’.

We see musicals on a reasonably regular basis and I am not exaggerating when I say I do not think I have watched a more talented, well put together show – ever! Congratulations to you and everyone involved.    

As we were coming out of the theatre a chap commented to us that he had seen many shows all over the country and at times had paid almost £100 a seat and could not remember enjoying any of them as much as he had enjoyed ‘Dolly’   Which were our thoughts too.

I have tried several times to watch the film and just did not like it – we couldn’t take our eyes off this performance.   You are a STAR.   Good luck for the rest of the run.

Love Margaret.

Susan Kemp

I came to see your production of Hello Dolly last night and just wanted to contact you to say what a FANTASTIC production. 

As a member of a musical society I know how much work goes into producing a show, both on stage and off.  It was slick and professional with wonderful scenery and fabulous singing, a most enjoyable performance.

I will look forward to your next show. Congratulations.

Cherry Bartell

Congratulations on another brilliant show, at least I did not cry this time!

Would like to mention what brilliant performances Graham and James gave. It was a very uplifting show I sang along with most of the songs quietly.

I am returning to see the show again on Saturday afternoon.

Stuart Wright (Official Sponsor of Hello, Dolly!)

What a marvellous show – as usual.

My wife Lesley and I spent a wonderful afternoon at the Gala for Hello, Dolly! and would like to pass on our congratulations and thanks to all of the cast for putting so much hard work and dedication into what was an amazing spectacle.