Mike Dixon

Mike Dixon

Mike joined DMTC just in time to be in “Camelot” in 1978 and loved the welcome so much that he set up home in Durham.

He has served as a committee member and Chairman of the Society for many years.

He has played Frances Fryer in “Calamity Jane”, Geordie in “Andy Capp”, Marcellus in “The Music Man” and Sir Clarius in “Camelot”.

In DMTC’s production of “Titanic” he played the part of Edgar Beane, a Clerk in ‘Gigi’ and a beggar in ‘Fiddler on the Roof

He has most enjoyed playing Dame in several of our pantomimes.

Mike retired as Chairman of DMTC after 24 years and has admired the way we have grown from Durham Amateur Operatic Society days into our major theatre company today.

Theatre remains a major hobby for both Mike and Janet and their family.