Me and My Girl (2002)

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Bill Snibson, a Lambeth costermonger, is revealed to be the New Earl of Hareford and his newly-discovered aristocratic relations are horrified. Bringing him to Hareford Hall, they attempt to educate Bill into the ways of the gentry and seperate him from his cockney girlfriend.

This “comical cockney comedy” features an abundance of well-known “toe -tapping” songs (including “Lambeth Walk“, “The Sun Has Got His Hat On” and “Leaning On A Lamppost“).

This version was rewritten by Stephen Fry and Mike Ockrent and first presented at the Leicester Haymarket Theatre in 1985 with Robert Lindsay and Emma Thompson.


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Sarah Foster – Northern Echo – February 2002

BEARING the dual responsibility of being Gala’s first amateur show and its first musical. Me and My Girl had a lot to live up to. It set a pretty good precedent by selling tickets for every seat at all seven of its performances.

Having put on shows for the best part of a century, you would think Durham Amateur Operatic Society would have a fairly good idea of what it’s about by now. And you’d be right —this production exudes years of experience.

From the first scenes, which involve a deft scene change from Mayfair to the country manor, Hareford Hall, you are confident of a seamless performance.

Gone are the homemade sets and charity shop costumes which are often the lot of amateur productions. Serious money has been spent on this show, and the result is sets, scenery and authentic period costumes that any professional company would be proud of.

London-born Anthony Smith, as Cockney Bill Snibson, who finds out that he is the Earl of Hareford, puts in a great performance, stealing the show with his charm and excellent comic timing. Delia McNally, as his common girlfriend, Sally, plays the character with depth as well as humour.

It is just a shame the theatre is not bigger, as I am sure the society could have filled it twice.