Nikki Hellmuth

Nikki has been a member of DMTC since landing the role of Lady Jacqueline in Me and My Girl in 2001, which was a real eye-opener…. used to playing school halls in home-made costumes, she quickly rose to the challenge of meeting the level of professionalism and dedication expected of all involved in DMTC productions.

Since then, Nikki has been a chorus member in several productions but has particularly loved the buzz of working backstage with Denise and Mel on the magnificent (and all too often under-appreciated) Props team.

She has also enjoyed principal roles as Caroline Neville in Titanic, Sarah in Company and, most recently, The Beggar Woman in Sweeney Todd. This last role has been her favourite to date, due to her affinity with the part, her appreciation of Sondheim, her enjoyment of the technical challenges, and especially her own ‘death’ …..when you spend your whole life rushing around there is something incredibly peaceful and ‘zen’ like about playing a corpse – those few minutes on stage is the most relaxation she’s had in years!

Nikki’s role as Miss Pross in a A Tale of Two Cities presents different challenges. Although a relatively minor part, she is on stage frequently (making some wry observations!), often in the middle of some important exchange between major characters.

So a lot of concentration is required to ensure her posture and reactions are consistently appropriate, whilst not distracting from what is unfolding before her.

Nikki is finding an affinity with the role in that she is a strong, at times formidable character, who is loyal and fiercely protective of the people and principles she values. That aspect of the part comes naturally to her! However Nikki was initially apprehensive about taking on delivery of all the magnificent one-liners – it’s so hard to judge how they will be received when rehearsing without an audience – so it is definitely a case of hoping “it’ll be alright on the night”?!