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A well crafted period musical, Gigi perfectly recaptures the romance and chivalry of fin-de-siecle Paris.

Gigi is a snapshot of Parisian belle epoque life in turn-of-the-century Paris, with the sparkling Lerner & Lowe scores, the musical was awarded an outstanding 9 Oscars in 1958.

Gaston Lachaille is a bon vivant following in the footsteps of his uncle Honore. But Gaston is becoming bored with the high life; especially the women. He only truly enjoys the time he spends with one of his uncle’s old friends, Madame Alvarez and her granddaughter, the precocious and care free Gigi.

Gigi is being groomed to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps as a famous courtesan. It suddenly occurs to Gaston that he could become her first protector, but the situation makes him uneasy until he discovers that he’s in love with Gigi and wants to marry her.

Wonderful songs in this show are ‘Ah, Yes, I Remember It Well‘, ‘It’s a Bore‘, ‘She’s Not Thinking of Me‘ and ‘Thank Heaven for Little Girls‘.


The Company

Alan Ball, Ruth Ball, Alison Banks, Denise Beckford, Michael Beckford, Jacqui Billinge, Peter Bradshaw, Olly Burton, Liz Cairns, Doreen Cothay, Trevor Dawson, Janet Dixon, Mike Dixon, Rebecca Dixon, Christine Dobbie, Anouska Drion, Pam Drion, Rob Gair, Karen Gallagher, Barbara Gray, Martin Gray, Rebecca Grundy, Katy Haggart, Richard Hall, Bill Harland, Hazle Harle, Helen Harries, Nikki Hellmuth Michelle Hood, Sarah Jackson, Maria-Teresa Lander, Dennis Lavin, June Lavin, Catherine Lawes, Esther Longe, Paul Maddison, Catherine Marsden, Heather McLoughlin, Stuart Mills, Stephanie Morton, David O’Donnell, Sue Robinson, Anthony Smith, Derek Smith, Luke Smith, Joan Spence, Steve Stephens, Rob Sweeney, Jonathan Taylor, Bev Thompson, Nicky Tones, Pat Walker, Katy Watson, Ian Wells


Katherine, Elizabeth, Liah, Paige, Rachel, Emma, Sadie,Sophia , Helena


Rachel Brooks, Rowena Cooper, Rebecca Turner, Anouska Drion, Karen Gallagher, Rebecca Grundy, Nicola Keen, Stephanie Morton, Emma Pearson

  • Violins – Julia Boulton, Michael Walton
  • Viola – Jonathan Rutter
  • Cello – Greg Pullen
  • Bass – Gordon Callander
  • Reeds – Andrew Martin, Catherine Freeman, Norman Moore, Jackie Catchpole
  • Horn – Chris Senior
  • Trumpet – Alex Lewis
  • Percussion – Malcolm Dick
  • Trombones – John Flood, Alan Bravey
  • Piano – Martin Dack
  • Keyboards – Steven Hood



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Gavin Havery – Northern Echo

PARISIAN culture is on display with the Durham Musical Theatre Company’s production of the Lerner and Loewe musical Gigi. Set in belle Epoque Paris at the turn of the century, Gigi is the tale of Gaston, a French aristocrat who falls in love with a young girl who has been groomed to be a courtesan. 

This light-hearted view into Parisian life is blessed with several skilled performances, most notably those of 18-year-old Sophie Begg in the title role, as well as Laurence Scott as Honore. 

The cast gave a strong musical performance, bringing to life classics like Thank Heaven For Little Girls and The Night They Invented Champagne. There were, however, a few things that could have been improved. There was too much going on visually during the contract signing scene, which, although providing comic relief, drew attention from the main plot. But this, and a few other minor flaws, such as a couple of dancers losing their balance, did little to detract from the flow of the show.

Overall, the evening was enjoyable and the show performed with a refreshing enthusiasm.