Carousel (2017)

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Richard Rodgers once wrote that of all the musicals he wrote, Carousel was his personal favorite. This iconic American classic features some of the most powerful music ever written for the stage, including “If I Loved You”, “Mister Snow”, “June is Bustin Out All Over” and the iconic “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” Carousel was Rodgers and Hammerstein’s second collaboration, and was adapted from Ferenc Molnar’s 1909 play Lilliom. They transferred the Budapest setting of Lilliomto the New England coastline, where Carousel takes place.

The story tells of charming, roguish carnival barker, Billy Bigelow, and mill worker Julie Jordan, both loners, who meet and fall in love. Their marriage ends up costing both their jobs, and things go downhill from there. Billy’s desperation makes him violent against those he loves most, and drives him to commit crimes in order to provide for his family. When Billy falls in with con-man Jigger Craigin, he ends up getting caught in the midst of an armed robbery and takes his own life. Billy is allowed to return to earth for one day fifteen years later, and he encounters the daughter he never knew. Louise is a lonely, friendless teenager, her father’s reputation having haunted her throughout her young life. How Billy instills in both the child and her mother a sense of hope and dignity is a dramatic testimony to love’s transcendence.


The Company

Emma Barthel, Denise Beckford, Enid Bilton-Gale, Liz Cairns, Doreen Cothay, Janet Dixon, Mike Dixon, Christine Dobbie, Alison Elrick, Catherine Finn, Rob Gair, Bob Gale, Dennis Gale, Anne Gatherar, Katy Haggart, Alexander Hall, Stewart Harland, Helen Harries, Tony Harries, Steve Hill, John Hunt, Sarah Jackson, Geoff Knott, Catherine Lawes, Guy Lawes, Paul Maddison, Sue Mason, Sharon Milton, Sue Morl, Gemma Nicholson, Steve Norman, Phoebe Penfold, Matthew Robinson, Sue Robinson, Joan Spence, Daniel Thomas, Nicky Tones, Ed Turner, Rebecca Turner, Caroline Wilson, Deborah Wilson, Richard Wood


Abbi, Alexi, Kameron, Cameron, Heidi

Blue Team – Amelia, Grace, Krystell, Rebecca, Holly, Lilly, Oliver, Emily

Green Team – Abigail, Charlotte, Rebecca, Matthew, Abigail, Gracie, Katie, Poppy


Madeleine Banks, Emily Bowman, Grace Copeland, Rhiane Finley, Ellie Jackson, Jennifer Kirby, Katie Smith, Daniel Thomas


  • Stage Manager – Craig Pugh
  • Deputy Stage Manager – Leah Goldie-Sandberg
  • Assistant Stage Managers – Gary Milton, Simon Lawes
  • Technical Support – Andrew Shutt, Michael Long & the Gala Crew
  • Stage Crew – Chris Coats, Jonathan Gilderoy, John Hamblett, Stephen Rumney, John Stokoe, Paul Walton, Sarah Watson & Team
  • Stage Plans – Nicky Tones
  • Set Hire – Scenic Projects Suffolk
  • Properties Team – Denise Brooksbank, Melanie Spedding, Rachael Burnett, Judith Baglee, Peter Baglee, Maria Turner, Peter Turner
  • Properties – Society Prop Store
  • Extra Properties – David Foxall
  • Wardrobe – Jean Graham, Jane Flowers, Carolyn Knott, Katie Gair
  • Costumes – Society Wardrobe, Alan Graham Costumes Consett
  • Make-Up – Brenda Mullen, Hannah Bickerdyke, Claire Lonsdale, Lesley Wright & Team
  • Wigs – Chris Carr Whitely Bay, Stewart Harland
  • Lighting – Graham Rushton
  • Sound Design – Tez Errington
  • Follow Spot Operators – Sam Smith, John Murdoch
  • Digital Videography – Steven Berry
  • Rehearsal Pianists – Martin Dack, Andy Soulsby, Peter Allsopp, Robert Humes, Mark Thompson
  • Chorus Notators – Maxine Hitch, Ruth Ball
  • Front of House – David Foxall, Frank Cure, Val Cure, Bill Harland, Lisa Oliver, John Cuckson, Elizabeth Clapham, Mary Robinson
  • Chaperones – Maxine Hitch, Steph Hitch, Ruth Ball, Noelle McNary, Samantha Peacock & Team
  • Dressers – Ruth Ball, Maxine Hitch, Louise Mills, Janice Smith, Valenda Taylor, Allison Smith, Joanne Finley & Team
  • Refreshments – Joan Foxall, Audrey Robson & Team


  • Violins – Julia Boulton-Moat, Jane Cuggy
  • Viola – Gordon Dike
  • Cello – Ellie Leckie
  • Double Bass – Gordon Callander
  • Flute / Piccolo – Sue Ferris, Ian Worsfold
  • Oboe / English Horn – Philip Cull
  • Clarinet – Catherine Freeman
  • Bassoon – Jackie Catchpole
  • French Horns – Chris Senior, Dave Milner
  • Trumpets – Alex Lewis, Gordan Marshall
  • Trombone – John Flood
  • Percussion – Malcolm Dick
  • Piano – Martin Dack
  • Conductor – Paul Wood

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