Chess – cast announcement!

Update: We have now cast Chris Carr as the final male chorus principal


Firstly, we would like to thank everyone who put themselves forward for audition for our next production – “Chess”. Our commiserations go to those who were unsuccessful on this occasion and our congratulations go to those who were successful.

Following an amazing set of excellent auditions, we are pleased to announce that the cast for Chess will be:

  • Frederick Trumper – American Chess Champion: Steven Berry
  • Florence Vassy – Frederick’s Chess Second/Lover: Pascalle Rossle
  • Walter de Courcey – Head of the American Delegation: Laurence Scott
  • Anatoly Sergievsky – Russian Chess Champion: Graeme Walton
  • Svetlana Sergievskaya – Anatoly’s Wife: Katy Walton
  • Alexander Molokov – Head of the Russian Delegation: Anthony Smith
  • The Arbiter: Michael Taphouse
  • 2 x Female Chorus Principals: Izzy Chazot & Rebecca Hassell
  • 5 x Male Chorus Principals: Chris Coates, Mike Crick, Steve Norman, Nicky Tones + another

The cast will be supported by our fantastic ensemble.

Let the rehearsals begin!