Needles away! A special award for two amazing costumiers!

At the end of “Evita“, Jean Graham and Jane Flowers, two of our dedicated wardrobe department, decided that it was time to hang up their sewing needles and put away their thread and pass on the running of wardrobe to someone else. Both ladies, together with their comrades in arms: Kate Gair and Carolyn Knott, have served the company admirably and have devoted untold hours to make sure that the costumes needed for every production have been either sourced or made from scratch. Spending hours in our costume unit is no fun – it is cramped with virtually no space and very cold in the winter months. That they have done so without complaining has only been to our advantage.

The fact that Jean also undertook the hiring of costumes, to make some extra money for the company, meant that she also spent extra hours at the unit with other companies, hours collecting costumes back from them, then hours washing and ironing them all, before returning them to the unit. We would not be able to afford to pay her what she deserves! On behalf of everyone in DMTC, I want to thank them both for all they have done for us – often above and beyond the call of duty. We are going to miss them both terribly, but felt we couldn’t let this pass without a very small gesture on our part. Jean & Jane, we would like you to accept these as a token of our esteem for everything you have done for us.

Thank you very, very much!!