Front of house legend! The Mary Robinson Award 2016

Mary Robinson needs no introduction to you all. Mary is a stalwart member of the company who is still active on our behalf. She set up her award to honour one of our “more mature” members, as a partner to the Mary Hamilton Award.

The winner this year has been with the company for almost 40 years. He spent many years as our stage manager, building numerous sets for summer shows and pantomimes. He served on the Entertainments’ Committee for many years and became our Front of House Manager, when we moved to GALA. He organises the props store, makes props and is one hundred per cent dedicated to the welfare and wellbeing of DMTC. As already noted he insisted on driving to Scotland to collect and return two back cloths to Border Studios, to save the company some money. He is another great role model for all of us to emulate.

We are delighted to announce that the recipient of the 2016 Mary Robinson Award is David Foxall.