Thanks for making Fruma-Sarah fly!

Derek’s Beard Collage

DMTC would like to thank all of the sponsors of Derek’s Beard for their kind support!

Sponsor List

Helen Harries

Helen Harries IS Fruma-Sarah and her family have clubbed together and are determined that she will fly.


Geoff Knott

Geoff empathises with the horror of beard growing – “it looks OK but adds about 10 years and frankly is messy with food!”


Sunderland CHA & HF Rambling Club

Supporting ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ following Derek’s support of their ‘Ramble To Riches’ social evening.


H. A. Davie Ltd

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Sales and Services supporting Derek’s Beard and Helping Fruma-Sarah Fly


Karen Gallagher

“I am very proud to be a member of this great society, and to be one of “Janet’s Girls”


Eunice Sneddon

Eunice is DMTC’s Friends’ Liaison Officer and is interested in hearing from you if you would like to join as a ‘Friend’


Dave King

Axil Ltd. With over 10 years experience in IT and software development we deliver expertise without jargon


Mike Dixon

Mike is the Chairman of DMTC and in ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ he will be portraying the role of Nachum the beggar


Mary Robinson

Our treasurer thinks it is a great idea! “You might as well have some return for suffering in the name of art” Mary says.


Jan Dallard

“I’ve just bought my tickets for the show for the Saturday night so will hopefully see you all there.”


Ruth & Alan Ball

Ruth & Alan would like to sponsor Derek’s Beard and helping to make Fruma-Sarah fly.


Paul Maddison

“It was a horse.” It was a mule.” “It was a horse.” It was a mule.” It’s neither, it’s Fruma Sarah Flying.


Richard & Helen Hall

From one Billy Goats Gruff to another!


Satley Womens Institute

Following a presentation by Jonathan Taylor and Derek the W.I. are looking forward to seeing Fiddler on the Roof.


Margaret Smith

Derek’s Beard’s mother is a big fan of DMTC productions and can’t wait to see Fruma-Sarah fly at the Gala Theatre.


Jamie + Catherine + Luke Smith

Chester-Le-Street Theatre Juniors presents ‘A Matter of Time’ in 2009 at Park View School Theatre


B & C Private Hire

For your Private Hire needs contact us at: High St, Carville, Durham. DH1 1BE Tel: 0191 3863000


Stuart Wright

Stuart Wright Funeral Service Ltd Durham.

Complete Funeral & Monumental Service to All Areas


Anthony Smith

Anthony is delighted to have been chosen to play the part of Tevye in this centenary production.


Doreen Cothay

Doreen likes the daily pictures of Derek’s Beard and is also performing in Fiddler on the Roof


Sarah Jackson

Sarah is happy to contribute toward Derek’s Beard and helping Fruma-Sarah fly.


Cherry Bartell

Granddaughters Karen Gallagher and Rebecca Bartell are in DMTC. Cherry sees all of the shows and says “Break a Leg”.


Delia McNally

Delia is delighted to perform Golde in “Fiddler on the Roof”, as she last played in the show in 1989.


Brian Davison

Brian is disappointed not to be able to perform in ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ and hopes that we can manage without him.


Hazel Bone

Hazel is performing in ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ as one of the ‘daughters’ and wants to see Fruma-Sarah fly.


Christine Dobbie

Christine, a ‘Mama’ is enjoying ‘Fiddler’ despite being thrown to the ground by a bruttish Russian.


Denise Beckford

Denise thinks £5 toward helping Fruma-Sarah fly is as good as an investment as you can get these days.


Catherine Lawes

Catherine is taking the part of Shaindel in ‘Fiddler on the Roof’. That’s the rumour anyway!


David O’Donnell

David plays the role of Mendel the Rabbi’s son. “A man dancing with a woman! It’s a sin” I’ll join in anyway.


Sue Robinson

Sue could be my dance partner in the wedding scene, well only if men are allowed to dance with women.


Liz & Peter Clapham

Liz is my wife in the Sabbath Prayer and Peter can be heard selling his goods shouting “Fish Fresh Fish”.


Jo Smart

Jo is the DMTC prompter and we hope she isn’t really needed during show week but nice to have her there just in case.


Janice Smith

Mrs Derek’s Beard is looking forward to the show and can’t wait for Derek to shave off his beard.


Andy King

Andy is enjoying his first show with DMTC and is playing the part of Perchik. The Rabbi’s son says he is a radical.


Jane Flowers

The costume department of DMTC make us all look goodon stage. Fruma-Sarah’s costume was particularly challenging.


Jean Graham

The costume department of DMTC have a huge range of costumes for hire. Please email us if you are interested.


Steve Hill

Steve is Derek’s ‘Bottle Dance’ partner. These rehearsals were the hardest in the show. It will be right on the night though.


Alison Banks

And who does Mama teach to mend and tend and fix, Preparing me to marry whoever Papa picks?


Louise & Andrew Edgar

Are coming to see Derek’s Beard perform in Fiddler on the Thursday ‘Break A Leg’.


Rob and Diane Sweeney

Rob is playing the part of the ‘Constable’ and is causing a bit of a disturbance at rehearsals.


Liz Cairns

Who must know the way to make a proper home, A quiet home, a kosher home? The Mama.


May Hindson

Derek’s Beard’s mother in law has never seen ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ before and is looking forward to seeing DMTC again.


Adam Bailey

Adam is helping Fruma-Sarah to fly and is also one of the Russians who disrupt the wedding celebrations.