Tom Hobbs

Tom Hobbs

Tom has spent 5 years singing, some in choirs, some on stage. He was part of his school senior choir for 4 years touring in Paris and in the chamber choir touring in Bavaria. He also spent 3 years in Durham County Youth Choir touring Belgium.

Tom is a current member of the village choir. and prior to that had done stage crew work at ‘Spennymoor Stage and Song’ for 3 years before performing in ‘Dr Barnardo‘ and ‘When The Light Go On Again‘ where he had a small principle part. Tom has played tuba for 6 years in his school orchestras and participated in Durham County Wind Band touring in Belgium and played in Durham University Brass Band. He additionally did two workshop orchestras in Durham with concerts following.

Tom became a member of DMTC last September when invited to join for this years performance of ‘A Tale of Two Cities‘. He was thrilled to be cast in the roles of Crony One and the Young French Peasant.

The character of the crony is one of comedic value, though filthy and uncultured! He isn’t the brightest in the world and alongside his fellow

tradesmen they cause quite a stir in Act 1 while they are going about their business grave robbing to supply the local scientists with body parts!

He is under the employment of the local “resurrectionist” Jerry Cruncher who also employs another crony, and between them they get by daily tasks with a few moments of pure genius…

Tom’s other role as the Young French Peasant is quite the opposite to that of the crony, during the French Court scene a flash back to Dr. Manettes past shows a young man who is dying of a stab wound after trying to protect his sister who was raped by the Marquis St. Evrámonde.

Dr. Manette tries to save his sister but sadly she dies from her afflictions. While trying to attend to the wound, the dying peasant tells him the story of what has happened, during this scene an emotional story breaks free that will set straight any wrong doings from the past, although not all that comes to light is going to be advantageous to the future of Charles Darnay in court.