The Good Companions (1979)

Production Details


Yorkshireman Jess Oakroyd, a joiner and carpenter, gets the sack during the Depression and after a family quarrel hits the road. He meets young Elizabeth Trant, motoring in search of adventure, and together they deliver a crate of clothes she promised barmaid Effie to get to Elsie, her actress sister. Elsie’s troupe, the Dinky Doos, have meanwhile picked up a young runaway schoolteacher Inigo Jollifant, a fabulous pianist and songwriter who is smitten with Dinky’s singer Susie Dean. Unfortunately the troupe are on their last financial legs but the infusion of new talent plus Oakroyd as handyman convinces Miss Trant to back the outfit which she renames The Good Companions.

They go from success to success, but Inigo’s efforts to sell Susie to a big London agency are thwarted when a gang of toughs employed by a rival break up the act and knock out the agent. Luckily, rich Lady Partlett falls for Good Companion Jerry – they wed, and Lady P’s influences secure a promise of fame and fortune for all in London.

Oakroyd hears his wife is ill, returns North and after making up their quarrel, she dies. Left alone, he gets a letter from Miss Trant enclosing a hundred pounds followed by a telegram from daughter Lily in Canada there is a home for him there, and plenty of work.


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