Sarah Jackson

Sarah Jackson

Sarah joined DMTC in 2001 after deciding to try something that she’d never done before. After helping backstage on everything from props to stage crew, from follow spot to flying, she finally plucked up the courage to audition… helped along by some “gentle” persuasion from certain members of the company!

Her first show was Company, where the music of Stephen Sondheim and a first attempt at tap dancing made for a memorable introduction to performing.

Sarah has taken on the principal roles of Lottie in Mack and Mabel, for which she won the Mary Hamilton Award, and Maggie in 42nd Street; seemingly beginning a tradition of only playing roles that involve tap dancing, despite being a non- dancer.

On hearing that DMTC were being given the opportunity to perform Sunset Boulevard, her favourite musical, Sarah was determined to be involved.

She wads, frankly, astounded to have successfully auditioned for the role of a chorus principal and is especially thrilled to have played the role of the Doctor in a musical number opposite her theatrical idol Eileen Glenton.