Peter Pan (2003)

Peter Pan (2003) Poster

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J.M. Barrie’s classic tale is brought to life in this fantastic new pantomime production by your favourite amateur company. This timeless story used the full resources of the Gala Theatre – as we flew above the rooftops with Peter, Tinkerbell, and the Darling children as they went on their breathtaking adventure.

And yes.. they really did fly!


In London
In Never-Never Land
  • Captain Hook – Anthony Smith
  • Smee – Olly Burton
  • Starkey – Rob Gair
  • The Crocodile – Jonathan Gilderoy
  • Tootles – Ruth Innes
  • Nibs – Anthony Dixon
  • Curly – Rebecca Innes
  • Slightly – James Innes
  • Big Chief Little Panther – Bill Harland
  • Tiger Lilly – Sophie Begg
Edwardian Ladies and Gentlemen, Pirates and Indians

Jenni Aldridge, Alan Ball, Ruth Ball, Alison Banks, Jackie Billinge, David Bruce, Liz Cairns, Rosemary Cleasby, Andrea Clifford, Bryony Cooper, Anthony Dixon, Janet Dixon, Anouska Drion, Helen Egglestone, Allison Feasey, Catherine Finn, Karen Gallagher, Tony Gardner, Jonathan Gilderoy, Chris Grief, Bill Harland, Emili Harmon, Helen Harries, Muir Hewitt, June Lavin, Catherine Lawes, Heather McLoughlin, Robin Murray, David O’Donnell, Sue Robinson, Laura Rodgers-Duerden, Ellen Russell, Derek Smith, Jenni Sneddon, Deirdre Tyrell, Ann Underwood, Katy Watson, Hannah Wilson, Lucy Wright

The Lost Boys

Stephanie Bell, Hannah Bickerdike, Laura Brewster, Sarah Brodie, Rowena Cooper, Rhianon Grief, Faye Morton, Stephanie Morton, Helen Pace, Sally Staveley, Georgie Underwood, Adam Bailey, Jimmy Gibson, John Izatt-Lowry, Bradley Kelly, Harry Lindsey, Dominic Philip, Jamie Smith, Michael Tolchard


  • Stage Manager – Alan Hogarth
  • Deputy Stage Manager – Mike Dixon
  • Prop Design & Construction – David Foxall
  • Properties – Denise Brooksbank, Melanie Spedding, Miriam Maddocks, Claire Wright, Mick Grief
  • Wardrobe – Jean Graham, Jane Flowers, Judith Frisby
  • Costumes – W. A. Homburg Ltd. Leeds, Society Wardrobe
  • Nana’s Head – Philip Robinson
  • Crocodile – Bazaar Darlington
  • Wigs – Natural Image Newcastle
  • Make-Up – Brenda Mullen, Eunice Sneddon & Team
  • Lighting Design – David Wright
  • Sound Design – Graham Holder
  • Technical Support – Keir Webster, Jonathan Grey
  • Scenery – Prosceneium Ltd. Rochdale
  • Flying – Hi-Fli Manchester
  • Flight Director – Scott Malone
  • Prompt – Jo Smart
  • Rehearsal Pianists – John Ward, Robert Humes
  • Front of House – David Foxall, Frank Cure, Mary Robinson, Kate Gair, Margaret Sutton, Millie Hughes, Lawrences Jones, Joyce Allinson, Peter Clapham, Elizabeth Clapham, Dorothea Tuckerman, Frank Tuckerman
  • Refreshments – Joan Foxall, Val Cure
  • Chaperones – Lesley Begg, Debbie Morton, Margaret Graham, Tina Bickerdike & Team
  • Publicity Materials – Aztec Printers Washington


  • Keyboard – George Hetherington
  • Keyboard – John Ward
  • Drums – Jack Kennedy
  • Bass Guitar – Andy Champion


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