Perchance to Dream (1983)

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Sir Graham Rodney (1783-1818), Regency buck and part-time highwayman, loves both Lydia and Melinda, but loathes cousin William. When Graham dies in Melinda’s arms, vowing to find her again one day, his magnificent home, Huntersmoon, acquires a new owner – William and a set of restless ghosts. Thirty-five years later William’s son, Valentine (1818- c. 1900), owns Huntersmoon where he meets and marries Veronica, illegitimate daughter of Lydia and the former highwayman.

The marriage is nearly destroyed with the arrival of Melanie, spirited niece of the late Sir Graham, but Veronica’s timely announcement of her pregnancy wins the day. Not until the twentieth century are the ghosts allowed to sleep, perchance to dream, when Huntersmoon welcomes Bay – Valentine’s grandson – blissfully married to Melody, who is remarkably like Melinda and Melanie. Strangely, their best friends Bill and Iris, also happily married, bear a striking resemblance to William and Lydia who had hated each other so bitterly at Huntersmoon nearly 150 years earlier.


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